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Instagram is the second largest global social media platform after Facebook (which also conveniently happens to be owned by Facebook!). What started as a photo editing and sharing mobile app has become ubiquitous with a predominantly millennial audience spouting a global audience of one billion (yes with a b) active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram stories. Instagram has gone on to expand its features to encompass a range of visual outputs including ‘Instagram TV’ long form videos, short-lived ‘Instagram Stories’ and the latest addition – ‘Instagram Reels’.

The new Reels feature lets users create and share short-form video content. Similarly to TikTok, Reels let you record and edit 15-second videos, add sounds and effects, and then share the videos either with your followers or, if you have a public account, with the larger Instagram community via the Explore page.
1-in-2 Australians are active on the platform and it tends to attract a slightly younger audience and skew female. Although there are still older users present, the platform is largely still dominated by Gen Z and Millennials (with 72% of Instagram users are aged 18-44).

Our Approach To Using Instagram To Build Your Brand or Business

Outline Your Business Values

A common mistake that we come across is businesses rushing on to any new digital platform with a watertight plan of what they’re trying to achieve. The best place to start with advertising on Instagram or creating an Instagram account for your business is to get the key stakeholders together and define what it is that your brand’s core values are. These values are the guiding principles or fundamental beliefs should permeate through every facet of your business especially your consumer-facing digital channels.

Define Your Target Audience

Now that we know what we’re trying to represent on Instagram it’s time to define our target audience. Age, gender and location are the obvious starting points but we need to go deeper. What other brands do our target demographic like and dislike locally/nationally/internationally? What are their platform usage behaviours? What are their purchasing patterns?

Knowing as much detail about our different target customer personas helps create the most engaging content and the most effective paid Instagram advertisements.
Create Content Pillars

A ‘content pillar’ is a fancy term for any content stream (photo, video, graphic, animation, reel, long form caption etc) that reflects a topic or theme of the business, reenforcing a core value for a particular audience. These are the foundation of your overall content strategy.

We like to think of your Instagram Business channel as your brands very own traditional television channel (remember those?) – audiences tune into your tv channel for engaging programming. If all that they saw when they arrived was advertising they would soon tune out or change the channel. It’s the same with Instagram – you need to creating engaging content pillars (or programming) to keep people engaged so that when you slip in some direct sells or advertising they are receptive. If executed well, they might even like you for it!

Execute & Report

Now for the fun bit – get creative and execute the amazing content pillars you have come up with! These can take any form: a long form video series to be used on IGTV, behind-the-scenes photograph of your team making the magic happen, engaging animated motion videos or how-to’s, graphic design testimonials from your loyal customers – the possibilities are literally endless. The Social Meteor team create all of these in-house and much much more so why not drop us a line!

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Brands need to adapt to the highvelocity nature of social media. We speciliase in developing agile branding systems that empower our clients to ell their stories in without relying on external designers
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Sometimes it's a question of 'Where do I start with social?'. Our specialists will sit down with your team to workshop exactly what channels you should be choosing and why.
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Social campaigns are the best way to reach a targetted audience with specific messaging. Ask us today about how to generate trackable results for your business.
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Let our team of social media community managers handle the day-to-day tasks of looking after your socials while you focus on what you do best. Keep your customers happy with timely responses that are in your brand's tone of voice.
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Case Study

Chicken Treat

Quick Service Restuarant

We were tasked with bringing some relevance back into the iconic West Australian QSR with a jester-like social strategy. We built their Instagram following from the ground up with clear content pillars, all created in-house, to reach large target following KPI’s within months. We continue to work with the brand as it redefines itself in the new era of fast food.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

My Instagram engagement rate is declining, what should I do?
The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and so should your strategy. A declining Instagram engagement rate could be due to a wide range of issues from not enough time engaging with your community, no paid advertising strategy in place (or an ineffective one) or content fatigue (your audience have just grown tired of seeing the same thing on your channel).
How do I get more Instagram followers?
Following the above is a good start! Outline your values, define your audience and execute creative and engaging content pillars. Some other hot tips include posting regularly, engaging with your audience and using relevant hashtags.
Where do I start with Instagram strategy and advertising?
That’s an easy one! Just drop us a line to start your social media journey.


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