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If you’re not on Facebook, good luck! Forward-facing brands need to see their social media presence as a digital representation of your brand’s personality. Those who execute this well online see amazing results in the real world. Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform on the planet with a whopping 2.8 billion monthly active users with over 80% of Aussies using the platform so what better place to start your social media marketing journey.

We believe that the people within your business are the best people to handle the job of marketing on behalf of your brand, but sometimes they need technical guidance to make sure their message reaches the right audience. We’re here to work closely with your team to make sure this campaign remains true to your brand values and tone of voice while delivery effective results.
Why are we the best Facebook advertising agency going around you ask? Our team of Facebook marketing specialists has spent over 1 million dollars on Facebook advertising, delivering effective campaigns across numerous industries, and will come up with the best custom organic and paid Facebook marketing strategy to suit your business and objectives.

Our Approach To Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

Generate awareness

The first step of our tried and tested paid Facebook marketing strategy is to generate brand awareness with the right audience for your business. This is achieved by creating targeted audiences based on your customer avatar information and attributes. Did you know that you can target Facebook audiences by age, gender, location and interests? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We will create the most engaging content based on our understanding of your desired customer and the nuances of social media trends then deliver it to them effectively via the Facebook advertising network. This can be in the form of photography, videography, design, animation or even memes – all created inhouse by our creative maestros.

Drive consideration

Now that we have warmed the oven, so to speak, and made the target audience aware of your brand, we will bring the engager on the next step of our digital customer journey. Driving consideration is achieved by ‘selling the sizzle’ via Facebook and highlighting the product or service benefits your business provides. We will normally encourage customers to complete another intent signal such as clicking on your website or e-commerce store.
Deliver Conversions

Now that the digital customer is aware of your brand and considered the unique sell points that your service or product offers – it’s time to seal the deal! We will deliver various pointed sell points, split testing copy and content variations to deliver the cheapest cost per conversion. These, and all of the aforementioned objectives, are trackable in real time and our technicians will monitor the results daily to make sure your budget is being used efficiently with optimised Facebook adverts. Conversions come in all shapes and sizes and we can track them all thanks to our technical attribution model, AI learning and the Facebook tracking pixel.

Build Loyalty

Our Facebook marketing funnel strategy doesn’t stop at your Shopify checkout or the success page for your lead form. It’s now time to turn these customers in brand advocates and ongoing ambassadors for your brand. Reward these repeat purchasers with special discounts, exclusive events, behind the scenes content and VIP treatment.

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Brands need to adapt to the high-velocity nature of social media. We specialise in developing agile branding systems that empower our clients to tell their stories without relying on external designers.
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Sometimes it's a question of 'Where do I start with social?'. Our specialists will sit down with your team to workshop exactly what channels you should be choosing and why.
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Social campaigns are the best way to reach a targetted audience with specific messaging. Ask us today about how to generate trackable results for your business.
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Let our team of social media community managers handle the day-to-day tasks of looking after your socials while you focus on what you do best. Keep your customers happy with timely responses that are in your brand's tone of voice.
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Case Study

Chicken Treat

Quick Service Restuarant

We were tasked with bringing some relevance back into the iconic West Australian QSR with a jester-like social strategy. We built their Instagram following from the ground up with clear content pillars, all created in-house, to reach large target following KPI’s within months. We continue to work with the brand as it redefines itself in the new era of fast food.

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First, check the above video demonstration below: Cheers for that mate. As you can see, the technology is not perfect… yet. Considering what this demonstration would have cost in video and audio production alone compared to the $100 and one hour I gave myself, the output is impressive. Needless to say, AI is here and […]
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Outsource vs. Insource Digital Marketing: When and Why You Should Use a Social Agency

Outsource vs. Insource Digital Marketing: When and Why You Should Use a Social Agency

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Our Clients

We love crafting beautiful, smart, and inspired work that is focused on business goals and their customers. We do this across multiple touchpoints to help organizations achieve their goals. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of Perth’s top brands across multiple industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you monitor direct messages and comments on Facebook for my business?
Yes, we sure can. We have packages to sort all business requirements on Facebook from strategy consultation and organic posting, to targeted paid strategy and community management. Regularly engaging with your Facebook community is a great way to build trust with your fans while growing your online community.
Only a few of my Facebook fans are seeing the posts from my businesses Facebook page. What am I doing wrong?
Unfortunately, organic Facebook reach has been gradually declining for the past decade with the average reach of an organic page post hovers around 5.20%. That means roughly one in every 19 fans sees your page’s non-promoted (aka organic) content. This can be overcome with a high-quality content strategy as well as utilising the paid Facebook advertising features. We insist that all our Facebook marketing packages include at least some amount of Facebook advertising budget to ensure that we’re reaching the right people and generated trackable results.
What is a Facebook tracking pixel?
The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. We will insert this piece of code into your website so that we can make that we’re showing relevant ads to the right people, drive more conversions and measure the results of your ads.


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