Yahava KoffeeWorks Swan Valley

Yahava KoffeeWorks Swan Valley

Social Meteor know how important it is to set clear, tangible goals from the get-go. Challenging businesses to give social media marketing top priority, they’re dedicated to delivering out of this world results!

Yahava KoffeeWorks Swan Valley is a prime example. Working with the Social Meteor team since June 2021, the well-known coffee roastery and outlet saw tangible outcomes after just two months.

“Within our short time working together we’ve seen almost a 20% uplift in foot traffic through our store which is bang on target for what we were hoping for,” said Yahava KoffeeWorks General Manager Alastair Ingram.

Social Meteor’s daily Facebook and Instagram posts reached approximately 135,000 people. Creating a detailed organic and paid social strategy that included stories, GIFS, paid social advertisements and more, they accumulated half a million impressions over just 3 months.

“I’m busy and don’t have the time to spearhead marketing and events and lack the skills anyway, yet we also don’t have someone in our company to take that responsibility on!” said Alastair.

That’s where Social Meteor intercept.

“Social Meteor shoulder a lot of that for us now and it takes a fair bit of work off my plate,” said Alastair.

Social Meteor launched Yahava’s Tales of Origin tasting event last month, showcasing their Speciality Estate coffee from Brazil, paired with tasty treats to match. Creating graphics, EDMs, advertising, and promotional material, they sold out their debut event in no time.

In addition, they launched the Monday Mates campaign, ‘shouting brews for the lucky few’ each week through their Swan Valley Kwik Koffee drive-through.  “We’ve worked with a few different marketing companies and Social Meteor’s process of communication is unrivalled, I just haven’t seen anyone else come close.”

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